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Đầu báo nhiệt Apollo XP95

Đầu báo nhiệt Apollo XP95

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Mã sản phẩm55000-400420401APO
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Hãng sản xuất: Apollo
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The XP95 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single thermistor which provides a count output proportional to the external air temperature. The XP95 range features two heat detectors, standard and high temperature. The standard heat detector is classified as an A2S device and will report an alarm at 55°C. The high termperature detector, classified as a CS device, will report an alarm at 90°C.

  • Ideal in environments that are dirty or smoky under natural conditions
  • Well suited for warehouses, loading bays and carparks
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
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